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​Industries & use cases

Financial services

Financial services

Robo-advisory platform

A software development company built a custom robo-advisor for a financial services firm, incorporating AI to provide personalised investment advice to customers, significantly reducing the need for human advisors and streamlining investment processes.

Digital wallets and payment system

Developing a digital wallet, and payments system to complete instant, transparent, and low-cost international transactions, improving trust and efficiency in cross-border payments.

Fraud detection system

A custom AI- / ML-driven fraud detection system for financial services companies, integrating with existing transaction processing systems to analyse patterns and spot fraudulent activities in real-time, significantly reducing financial losses and enhancing security.

Professional services

Legal case management software

Custom software developed for a law firm, integrating with databases and legal research tools to manage cases, documents, and billing, improving the firm's efficiency and service quality.

Engineering project management tool

A comprehensive project management solution for an engineering company, facilitating resource planning, time tracking, and collaboration among team members, leading to timely project delivery and increased profitability.

Consultancy CRM and analytics platform

A custom CRM solution combined with analytics for a consultancy firm, enabling better client relationship management and data-driven decision making for improved service offerings.

Technology teams deploying software in the legal industry


Technology for human resources

Automated recruitment platform

For an HR agency, a custom platform using AI to streamline the recruitment process, from job posting to candidate screening and interviews, reducing time-to-hire, and improving candidate fit.

Employee performance management system

A comprehensive system developed for a corporation, integrating with existing HR systems to monitor and manage employee performance, goals, and feedback, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Benefits administration portal

A custom portal for managing employee benefits, providing a user-friendly interface for employees to select and manage their benefits, and for HR departments to administer and track utilisation.


Learning management System (LMS)

A custom LMS for a university, incorporating AI to provide personalised learning paths for students, facilitating online courses, assignments, and assessments, thereby enhancing the learning experience.

Virtual classroom platform

For an educational institution, a software company developed a virtual classroom platform integrating video conferencing, real-time collaboration tools, and content management, enabling effective remote learning.

Student information system (SIS)

A comprehensive SIS developed for a school district, integrating with existing educational tools and platforms, managing student data, grades, attendance, and schedules efficiently.

Technology for the education industry


Technology for the hospitality industry

Hotel booking and management system

A custom software solution for a hotel chain, streamlining booking, check-in, guest management, and services, enhancing guest experiences and operational efficiency.

Restaurant reservation and POS system

For a restaurant, a combined reservation management and POS system developed to manage bookings, orders, billing, and inventory in a unified platform, improving service speed and accuracy.

Travel itinerary planning tool

A sophisticated planning tool developed for a travel agency, incorporating AI to suggest personalised travel plans and itineraries based on user preferences, improving customer satisfaction and engagement.


Fleet management software

A custom software solution for a logistic company, enabling efficient management of vehicles, routes, scheduling, and maintenance, improving operational efficiency, and reducing costs.

Public transport navigation app

A navigation app specifically designed for a city's public transport system, providing real-time data on schedules, routes, and delays, improving the commuter experience.

Cargo tracking system

For a shipping company, a system developed to track cargo in real-time, integrating with global tracking systems and providing updates to customers, enhancing transparency and trust.

Technology for the transport industry


Technology for accommodation providers

Short-term Rental Platform

A platform for managing short-term property rentals, including features for listing management, booking, payment processing, and guest communication, increasing occupancy rates and revenue for property owners.

Hotel guest service app

A mobile app for hotel guests offering digital check-in/check-out, room service ordering, and facility bookings, enhancing the guest experience and operational efficiency.

Property management system (PMS)

A comprehensive PMS developed for a hotel chain, streamlining operations, housekeeping, reservations, and guest services, driving efficiencies, and improving service quality.


E-commerce platform

A custom-built e-commerce platform for a retail brand, incorporating AI for personalised shopping experiences, an efficient checkout process, and integrated logistics for better inventory and order management.

Retail analytics tool

A software tool developed for a retail chain, using data analytics to provide insights into customer behavior, sales patterns, and inventory management, helping drive strategic decisions and increase sales.

Customer loyalty and rewards app

A mobile app designed for a retail business, offering personalised rewards, promotions, and shopping experiences, increasing customer engagement and loyalty.

Technology for the retail market


Technology for the construction industry

Project management software

Custom software for construction project management, including features for scheduling, budgeting, communication, and document management, ensuring projects are completed on time and within budget.

Supply chain management tool

For construction companies, a tool to manage the supply chain, from procurement to on-site delivery, optimising inventory levels and reducing delays and costs.

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Secondary Industry

Manufacturing execution system (MES)

A custom MES for a manufacturing company, integrating production planning, scheduling, and quality control, enhancing efficiency and product quality.

Supply chain optimisation software

A software solution for a secondary industry business to optimise its supply chain, using AI and data analytics for demand forecasting, inventory management, and logistics planning.

Technology for the secondary industry
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