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Cloud migration

In today’s rapid digital evolution, cloud migration is no longer just an option; it is a strategic necessity. At CodingIT, we specialise in orchestrating seamless transitions to the cloud, enabling businesses to fully harness the scalability, flexibility, and efficiency that cloud computing offers. Our dedicated team ensures that your journey to the cloud not only matches but exceeds business expectations, paving the way for transformative growth and operational excellence.

With certifications, awards, and partnerships with leading cloud providers like Google Cloud, CodingIT stands at the forefront of cloud migration expertise. Our unique value proposition lies in our personalised approach, innovative solutions, and unwavering post-migration support, setting us apart as your ideal partner in the cloud journey.

Cloud migration

Cloud migration strategy and planning

Cloud migration teams

Assessment and planning

Every successful cloud migration begins with a comprehensive assessment. We meticulously evaluate your current IT infrastructure, applications, and data to craft the most effective migration strategy.

Our focus remains steadfast on aligning this strategy with your business goals, ensuring a migration process that is both smooth and minimally disruptive. It is our commitment to lay a solid foundation that supports your future success in the cloud.

Customised migration roadmap

Understanding that each business has unique needs, we emphasise the development of a customised migration roadmap.

Considering vital factors such as cost, compliance, security, and your existing technological stack, we devise a step-by-step plan tailored specifically for your organisation.

This personalised approach guarantees a migration process that is not only efficient but also fully aligned with your specific business requirements.

Cloud migration strategy and planning

Types of cloud migration services

Different cloud solutions fit for your needs

Public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions

We cater to a diverse array of cloud migration needs, offering solutions in public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. Our expertise allows us to navigate the nuances of each, providing guidance on which model best suits your control, cost, and compliance needs.

From the vast scalability of public clouds to the secure, customisable nature of private clouds and the flexible integration offered by hybrid models, we ensure you are informed and equipped to make the best choice.

Lift and shift, refactoring, and replatforming

Our spectrum of cloud migration strategies includes lift and shift (reposting), refactoring (modifying for cloud optimisation), and replat forming. This diversity in approach provides the flexibility to meet your business where it is at, whether you are looking for a straightforward migration or a comprehensive transformation that leverages cloud-native capabilities.

How we deploy to the cloud

Cloud integration and optimisation

Cloud migration and system integration

System integration post-migration

Post-migration, our goal is to ensure that your applications, data, and services are fully integrated within the cloud environment, operating at peak performance.

Services like API management and microservices adoption are part of our strategy to solidify your cloud presence, ensuring seamless functionality and optimal performance in your new cloud ecosystem.

Continuous optimisation and management

Our commitment to your cloud journey extends beyond the initial migration. We offer continuous optimisation and management of your cloud environments, encompassing performance monitoring, cost optimisation, security updates, and compliance management.

This ongoing support ensures that your cloud infrastructure evolves alongside your business, continuously driving value and efficiency.

Cloud migration optimisation
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Security and compliance

Data protection and regulatory compliance

Data security and compliance are paramount in our cloud migration services. We meticulously ensure that your data is protected throughout the migration process and that your cloud environment adheres to industry-specific legal and regulatory standards.

Our comprehensive approach to security and compliance safeguards your business against risks and aligns with your governance requirements.

Security and compliance of your cloud solution
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