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About CodingIT

CodingIT is a group of talented tech specialists helping your company achieve its long-term tech objectives through efficient software and app consultancy, development, and system integration.

We utilise new technology, such as AI across a broad spectrum (which includes the likes of NPL, Expert AI, and Machine Learning).

CodingIT - making complex, simple.

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Our Vision

We help companies develop and run successful tech strategies and stay tech relevant.

Our Mission

Over 60% of all software development projects fail, with 70% of companies experiencing a tech skills shortage. Our goal is to provide iterative, modular, and relevant software solutions on subscription, that help companies stay ahead of their competition.


Industry Pain Points

Long development cycles

It is not uncommon for a project to take years to develop. This is due to the fact that software is a complex product. There are many different types of software, each with its own set of features, and further hardware limitations compound the problem.

High Upfront Cost

High development costs lead to difficult decisions to be made concerning budget. This leads to many projects not being utilised fully and reduces the company's competitive advantage.

Total project failure to meet client needs

When software development fails to meet client needs, it can have a negative impact on the business. This can include lost productivity, lost revenue, and even legal consequences.

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Our Solution

Development cycles are often too slow, end up costing more than necessary, and can be frustrating for both the client and the vendor.

By using a subscription-based development model, setting shorter lean development cycle, we help to speed up the development process while keeping costs down. This will help to ensure that everyone involved is happy with the outcome.

CodingIT provides a fast, effective lean development cycle that is best suited for businesses with aligned interests. We work closely with our clients to ensure that we deliver a product that is fit for purpose and meets the client’s goals.

“Genius is making complex ideas simple.” ~ Albert Einstein

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Our Services & Products

Financial Services

Custom Software

Why Choose Us:

  • We work relentlessly to implement tech solutions to meet our company's business objectives

  • Our lean software development approach, with deep business understanding, is a unique differentiator

  • The CodingIT team is innovative and with full-stack capabilities, we enhance businesses every day

  • CodingIT's consultative approach means we understand your business and provide software development services that meet expectations

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Our Awards

Our Awards

Our Partners

Our Partners
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